Invitational golf tournament

Monday, September 13, 2021.


Campestre Chiluca golf course


Av del Club 1, Residencial Chiluca, Chiluca y Club de Golf Chiluca, 52930 Cd López Mateos, Méx.


  • Closest to the Pin – #2, #5, #13, #18
  • Longest Drive – # 4
  • Longest Putt – All #18

(All golf rules shall conform to USGA Rules)

Four person scramble tournament.

1.Please smooth all marks made in Sand Bunkers.

2.Leave the putting green as soon as you have holed out.

3.Do not play until the players in front of you are out of range.

4.Balls may be cleaned on the green, and ball marks repaired prior toputting. You may not repair spike marks prior to putting.

5.Please observe all local course rules.

6.Enjoy the day and let’s celebrate Kyle with plenty of birdies and alot of fun!!

1.A scramble means that all team members tee off on each hole and thendecide which tee shot they like the best and mark the spot with a tee orball marker.

2.The other team members pick up their balls and place them within oneclub length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot. Each team memberhits their next shot from the chosen spot of the prior shot.

3.If the ball you choose to play is in a hazard (sand, water, etc.), the rough,or out of bounds, you cannot drop the ball outside of the hazard or rougheven if relief is within one club length away.

4.This procedure is followed on every shot for the remainder of the hole,including putts. The ball should be marked on the putting green also.

5.Putts need to be made within 3 inches of the marked spot (no closer to thehole). The first ball to go in the hole is counted for the team score. Whenputting, once any ball is holed out, no further strokes count. The team iscautioned not to make “tap” in putts until all team members have had theopportunity to attempt the team’s original putt.

6.Each player’s tee shot must be used at least two times during the18-hole competition.

7.Tee off from the white tees.

8.Threesomes are permitted to rotate a fourth shot from each ball location. In other words, one person will be hitting twice from each position. However, the person hitting two shots cannot do so consecutively. (For example, it’s Player A’s turn to hit two shots. The other team members must play their ball in between Player A’s two shots.)

A)- The rotation should be set at the beginning of the round, and remain constant throughout.

B)- An example of this would be: 

  • 1.Hole 1 shot 1 : ABCA
  • 2.Hole 1 shot 2 : BCAB
  • 3.Hole 1 shot 3 : CABC
  • 4.Hole 1 shot 4 : ABCA
  • 5.Hole 2 shot 1 : BCAB

9.In the event of a 5 person team. Only 4 are allowed to tee off, and play each hole. Members must rotate with one person sitting out each hole.(For example, If Rotating Players A – E with A playing the first hole and Player E sitting out, Player A, would sit out on holes 2, 7, 12, 17. Player B would sit out holes 3, 8, 13, 18 and so on.)

10. The Chiluca staff will apply a modified Peoria scoring system to determine the winner. The Peoria System is a sort of 1-day handicapping system for tournaments in which most of the golfers do not have real handicap indexes (Several Lya relatives, for example). The Peoria System -while, like the similar Callaway System, based in certain part on luck -allows a “handicap allowance” to be determined and then applied to each team’s score.

11. In the case of a tie, Chiluca staff will compare the score card of the teams that have tied starting with the hole with the highest handicap moving to the hole with the lowest handicap, continuing until one team has the lowest score on a hole.

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